February 10, 2020              

Youth Partners for America and China Together  
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Invitation to “2020 Drawings from America”

Dear Parents, Teachers, and Principals, 

As you might be aware, China is experiencing a crisis caused by the novel coronavirus. The 2020 coronavirus outbreak started in a city called Wuhan in January of this year and has since been spreading across China. Cases have also been diagnosed in 25 other countries, including the United States. However, Chinese people are currently experiencing something unprecedented.  

Hundreds of millions of Chinese children have to stay home for weeks as China is taking quarantine measures to control the coronavirus spreading. Can you imagine that our children have to stay home for weeks without stepping outside? Especially if most families are living inside high-rise apartment buildings? I believe you can see how much stress and frustration there could be. One child from Sichuan province was so upset that he said he really wanted to go out to play, “with the virus.” The video of this boy who expressed such a unique desire when crying went viral in China. 

I therefore encourage you to join our “2020 Drawings from America” project. It is a great opportunity for American children to learn about the novel coronavirus and its global impact, and to show our support to Chinese children. After all, we are living on the same planet and are all connected somehow. Please help encourage your students to join this project, get out papers, crayons and color pens, and draw pictures to show our support.

You can send your kids’ drawings to ypact2020@gmail.com, and we will post your drawings on our Chinese social medium. Don’t forget to ask your students to write down name, grade and school name.

If you want to send the drawings to a kid in China, you can mail them to us at the following address: 3162 Johnson Ferry Rd. Suite 260, #201, Marietta, GA 30062. We will mail them to some local schools in China. 

Thank you very much!

Best Regards,

Dr. Hao Lu, Founder of YPACT

Youth Partners for America and China Together
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